Odds of Becoming an NHL Player

When young hockey players are inspired by their parents and coaches, telling them everything is possible if you put in the hard work.

The platitude “The only way to get better is by doing” serves as an inspiring motto for players who are pressed against the wall. It’s not entirely realistic though because no one can force themselves into mastering a skill- there has been researched done on this topic showing that even after months of training, some people’s brains release chemicals associated with stress response in anticipation of failure while others become bored or distracted during practice sessions.

Raised in the Rink

However, the odds of making an NHL roster are not necessarily better for players living in Canada or the United States. Location can double your chance to get noticed by scouts and coaches; you must know which countries’ teams draft them so they may have a shot at emerging as successful hockey stars!

Which states, cities or provinces make it more likely for you to shine bright? Which areas of the country will give your light an extra boost so that everyone can see what’s best in YOU!

Raised in the Rink

How could you not be drawn to the idea of playing in Canada? The Great White North is undoubtedly an ideal location for producing NHL hopefuls.

Why not make your way to the most Canadian city in North America? Toronto is a bustling melting pot with over 140 languages spoken and it’s home to Canada’s capital. With an eye-catching skyline that will leave you awe-struck, this exciting destination offers so much more than just hockey!

Probability Powerplay

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The number of NHL stars per 10,000 citizens in Saskatchewan is 4.8 which makes it a better place to grow up if you want an aspiring athlete career than other provinces like Manitoba with 3.2 players or Prince Edward Island at 2.

The Future of NHL Talent

Landing on an NHL roster is tough. The odds of making it as a player are slim and the journey to success long, but one can improve their chances based on where they’re from. A lot goes into being successful in hockey: talent, work ethic. But what about those who don’t have either? You know how many people play professional sports nowadays – over 300k at the last count! That’s 0.0003% (that converts quickly) which means that 99 percent aren’t even close yet. So if your dream was never going pro anyway or just shrugging off this whole “hockey” thing because why bother? Then by all means continue doing whatever makes life happy today; we promise there won.

Canada truly dominates the United States when it comes to churning out top talent for professional hockey. If you’re looking to find your future in this sport, head on up north and play some games under Canada’sExplore more careers with our dataset!


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