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Why you Should Live in Airdrie

A number of people are moving to Airdrie, Alberta and it is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. If you need some convincing to start looking up adverts on apartments to rent Airdrie, here are 5 reasons you should live in Airdrie.

1-Life is good in Airdrie

According to a survey on the quality of life in the city, the majority of people surveyed stated that they feel safe in their neighborhoods and they are generally happy. It is amazing that 100 percent of the respondents say they feel safe walking alone on the streets in the neighborhood and they have not had any reason to feel unsafe. As for the business community, they are happy with the fact that the city does not collect a business tax, this has led to growth of the city business.

2-Easy transport

For those who have to travel a lot, there is easy access to most of the common attractions like the zoo and different parks which makes it convenient for families to have recreational time within a short distance. The airport is also a short drive away making it easy to travel out of the city and country. Airdrie has an all year round park where you can go for ski trips.

3-Shops and different services in abundance

There is no reason to travel outside the city to enjoy shopping or other services. Airdrie has an abundance of shopping malls and a number of services that you will need from day to day like banks, gyms, restaurants, cinema and so much more. It is just a 10-minute drive to Alberta’s biggest shopping mall – CrossIron mills, here you can find a number of services.

4-Impressive recreational facilities

Airdrie is a city committed to recreation with over 80 kilometers of paved walkways to encourage residents to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the parks and a number of trails that are to stretch all through the city as well as provision for skateboarding. There are football grounds, baseball pitches, and waterparks among a host of other fun activities that families and individuals can enjoy. All these encourage people to enjoy their lives and love their city. Which is probably the reason for the low crime rate.

5-Nice homes for good prices

Airdrie is one of the cities where you can find well-planned communities with houses built with families in mind. The value of these houses will certainly go up with time which makes investing in apartments for rent Airdrie a good idea and just having a family home in such a neighborhood is a good idea.

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